New Brain Fellows 2017

We are delighted to announce the results of the 2017 Brain Felllowships.   It was an exceptionally competitive year, with over 40 applications, representing diverse disciplines and disorders across clinical neurosience. The selection panel of Guarantors were greatly impressed by the calibre of applicants and the strengths of the proposed research, in 1-year and 3-year fellowships. Following interview in April, the following fellowships were awarded:


Dr Janev Fehmi - on Characterising antigen targets and pathogenic mechanisms in the inflammatory neuropathies, at Oxford (Brain Entry Fellowship)

Dr Yige Huang - on Investigating the consequences of induced torpor on brain synaptic connectivity and behaviour in the laboratory mouse  (Brain Entry Fellowship)

Dr Christian Lambert - on Anatomical Correlates of Clinical Variability in Parkinson's disease, at UCL (Brain Post-doctoral Clinical Fellowship)

Dr Ferran Prado Carrasco - on Longitudinal assessment of global and regional atrophy of the spinal cord in Multiple Sclerosis, at UCL (Guarantors of Brain Post-Doctoral Non Clinical Fellowship)

Dr Rafael Romero Garcia - on Supporting surgical management of low grade gliomas with structural and functional connectomics, Cambridge (Guarantors of Brain Post-Doctoral Non Clinical Fellowship)

In addition, Dr Stephen Keddie was awarded a Brain/ABN Clinical Research Fellowship in Aptil , in a separate scheme with the Association of British Neurologists. 

James Rowe, Secretary and Treasurer

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